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More Legends To Learn From In HorseHub

The HorseHub library continues to grow month on month, with several hundred downloads on all manner of topics to train and entertain you. New, just in we have training videos from many of the legends of horse sport, including World Champion event riders Sir Mark Todd & Lucinda Green.

The Mark Todd Training Method covers the full spectrum of the 3 Day Event phases with training tips and advice. In Part 1 Mark takes the viewer through the basic problems riders commonly encouter when trying to apply the aids to an untrained horse. In ‘General Flatwork’ Mark works on leg yielding, shoulder-in, quarters-in and half pass, keeping the horse in balance. In ‘preparing for dressage’ Mark demonstrates how he would warm up for a test giving useful tips on what to do during a test.

This video will prove invaluable for anyone looking to make a novice horse competitive and progress up through the grades.

In Part 2 Mark deals with the jumping position, gridwork, helps with common problems such as rushing fences, straightness, establishing rhythm, and tackling related distances.

In the cross country section Mark explains some training exercises which he uses at home to give the horse basic experience at jumping corner fences, bounces, angles and coffins etc. This is filled with clear demonstration, and useful graphics to provide valuable instructive viewing.

We also have 20 years of Cross Country with  Sir Mark Todd, where provides us with his cross country highlights from the 1980′s & 90′s and fascinating insights on his riding strategy and his most famous horses. A must for any eventing enthusiast or aspiring event rider.

Lucinda_xcLucinda Green, ex-World & European Champion, and six times Badminton winner, ranks as one of the most experienced riders of all time. In Lucinda’s “Cross Country Riding” video you will benefit from the vast depth of knowledge that she has gained, as she take you round many of the obstacles you are likely to find on a cross country course.

Looking closely at many types of fences and their alternative, Lucinda discusses the important points that should be considered when walking the course, and using a variety of different horses and riders, demonstrates how each of the obstacles and their alternatives are negotiated. She gives helpful tips on how to ride various fences and deal with the problems that can arise. Lucinda gives practical advice on how to obtain the best results and gives fascinating insight into the techniques that have contributed to her many successes.

Anky_BonfireFor pure dressage enthusiasts we have two videos from Dutch champion dressage supremo, Anky van Grunsven. The first is an hour and a half lecture training demo from her successful “Masters Tour”, and the second an insightful look back at the hugely successful Bonfire, a  horse she trained from a highly spirited 2-year-old through to huge international success.

And if that wasn’t enough we have more legends from the world of horse sport for you to learn from with training material from:

Andrew Hoy (One of the greatest event riders of all time)

Nelson Passoa (International Show Jumer)

Ludger Beerbaum (International Show Jumper)

plus more to come……


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