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The Stars From HorseHero Now Available In HorseHub

We are very pleased to announce that the stars from Horse Hero, a leading online site for equestrian training videos are now available in the HorseHub App.

Horse Hero, a subscription based website, described by the Sunday Times newspaper as “a paradise for horse owners”, is providing numerous videos from their website on HorseHub under a pay-per-download model. This includes training videos from some of the world’s leading dressage, show jumping and event riders with names like Laura Tomlinson (neé Betchtolsheimer), Daisy Berkeley, Michael Eilberg, Edward Gal, Richard Maxwell, Sam Watson and Pammy Hutton featuring in the line up of the first batch of content.

The first 10 videos from Horse Hero are available now in HorseHub.

For more information on HorseHero visit

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